We are founders.

We back entrepreneurs with Italian roots and global ambitions

We are there from the beginning of the journey

We bring access to a community of leading founders who want to share their knowledge and network

We lead the Pre-seed and Seed round with high conviction and we then support access to international capital

We are the founder community powered venture capital fund that the best Italian entrepreneurs want and deserve.

What we Want

What we Offer



We’re more than a fund, We’re a Community

We are here to help founders succeed. 

We are founder friendly, because we passed through the same complexity a few years ago and we want to give our time, experience and resources to support a new generation of entrepreneurs. People are more important than money: we focus on the best founders and teams.

Entrepreneurs, with their top teams, are key for the success of the company - even more than the business idea. We are sector agnostic and focus on the initial stage of development of a new company. Inside our community we cover most of the experiences and sectors related to digital innovation


We are looking for the most ambitious

We want to support building an inclusive startup ecosystem, open to anybody. 

We want to support building an inclusive startup ecosystem, open to anybody. 

We are willing to share our relationships, our resources, our knowledge, but only with the best founders. We think that entrepreneurship is not for everyone and resources are scarce.


If you want to go far, go together

We are ambitious and want to go global.

We believe that growth will come from the time spent with the right people and from sharing opportunities and knowledge. 

In a world dominated by short term effects, we want to focus on long term goals and relationships. We back early-stage entrepreneurs from the local beginning of their journey of building global companies.


Work hard and enjoy it

Italian Funders Fund is something we do because we like it.

It’s not our job, we are here to learn from each other, to change the world and make money. Let’s always be open, proactive and have a lot of fun.